Saturday, 23 July 2011

Basic Structure of Indian Government

Indian Government is of three levels:

1. Central Government
2. State   Government
3. Local   Government.

In each of the level, there are three different roles :

1. Legislature: Making laws
2. Executive: Implementing laws
3. Judiciary: Interpreting laws.

Why this separation of three roles ?

Historically, rulers have abused power as they had control of all three roles - when they did something wrong, they would interpret  law in a way to make their act appear right or create a new law! separation of powers ensures that this will not happen.

Since I said at each level(Center,State,Local) we would have three roles(Legislature, Executive & Judiciary), the structure would be as follows.

Central Govt
  Legislature : Parliament : Contains MP's
  Executive   : Prime Minister and his council of ministers
  Judiciary   : Supreme court

State Govt
  Legislature : Vidhan Sabha(Legislative Assembly) : Consisting of MLA's
  Executive   : Chief Minister and his council of ministers
  Judiciary   : High Court

Local Govt
   Legislature : Municipal Council consisting of Councillors/corporators
   Executive   : Municipal Commissioner and his team
   Judiciary    : District courts and Lok adalats ?

The summary of this post is contained in the following table:

I will write about each level of Government and each role in subsequent blogs.


  1. Just want to let you know that though Legislature and Executive break in well into three levels of center, state and local that is not the case with Judiciary.

    But for the purpose of better understanding I have represented it similarly.

  2. All great blogs! Very informative for people like me who had hard time understanding exactly what falls where.

  3. Please share few more addresses of blogs, from where i can understand the Indian constitution and politics more briefly..

    I am willing to participate in Indian politics actively, but don't have the proper direction. Somebody please help.

  4. Thanks , this is very informative and clear!

    Now what about the two Houses of the country , The Rajya Sabha and The Lok Sabha, where do they come in our political system and what role do they play ?

  5. Also if you can add a full big flow chart of our political system like starting from the Prime Minister and his Council of Minsiters to the lowest level, say me, as an ordinary citizen is related to our political system.

    Desperate to learn.

    Thanks in advance

    1. yeah me too looking for it as like Pranav Kapoor said


    3. hey - I had created a post in May 2014 titled "Decision flow in government" as an answer to this question. Updating the reply here to help people who have the same question but might not have not seen the post.

      Also wanted to mention that administrative structure varies from state to state, so a flow chart being correct,complete and also simple is difficult to create :-)

  6. good 2 know that there is a blog like this!!!

  7. As a beginner, even i felt these information are very interesting and informative. looking forward the flow chart of indian politics.

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